Take a Break From Your IELTS Preparation: Learning Other Languages

Have you ever heard about polyglots? They are people who know and use several languages for a variety of reasons. Be it for fun, for passion, or in professional settings. Cool, right? Well, you can be one of them too!

So sit down, relax for a while, and take a break from your IELTS preparation. We have some tips for you on how to learn other languages, if you feel like you’ll be able to use this knowledge in the future.


4 Tips on Learning New Languages

Before you move on to the technicalities of learning new languages, we’ll give you some tips which can improve your attitude towards studying them. And hopefully, this can fastrack your learning.

  1. PRACTICE conversations a lot!

Lots of exposure to and practice with your target language is key to fluency. This is why you learned your first and second languages easily. With this, as you learn your third, fourth, and fifth languages, it’s critical to engage in a lot of conversation using the target language. Realistically, it may take time, but with the help of various online classes and other manuals, you might shorten the time needed to learn it!

  1. Watch films and TV series in your target language.

A lot of films and series that use other languages such as Korean,Filipino, Spanish, and Portuguese can be found on Netflix. If you’re planning to learn these three languages, you can try watching them while taking note of things you might find useful as you learn. Overall, films and  TV series provide the audience with a medium or a context wherein the language is used in a daily and conversational way. Through this, you can learn the basics of the language.

  1. Find a study buddy or a study group.

It’s always more fun to study with people who have the same passion as you do. So find other people who want to learn the language with you. You’ll learn a lot from them too, and they’ll be able to watch your progress and give you feedback on your performance.

  1. Keep an open mind!

Do you sometimes wonder  how you got so fluent with your mother tongue? That’s because you learned it when you were a child. Children can easily learn things, since they have less inhibitions are are immersed in the target language. They have a strong need and interest to communicate. As you learn other languages, you might simply study them by directly translating them from another language. But learning a language this way will take you a long time. So start with an open mind and an eager attitude.

The Beauty of Language

While being able to speak a lot of languages could be cool, it is more than that. Languages  give us a glimpse of other cultures and connect us with other people of different race.

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