7 Surprising Ways to Enhance Your Creativity for IELTS Review

Did you know that tapping into your creative side while you attend the best IELTS online course increases your chances of reaching your band score goal?

Letting your creative juices flow expands your ability to brainstorm and express ideas. These are useful skills especially in the writing and speaking components of the IELTS exam. Studies show that being creative also boosts positive thinking and reduces stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. So get your creativity flowing during your online IELTS review.

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Here are 7 surprising but effective ways to jump-start your creativity.

  1. Work your body

Here’s another good reason to exercise. Studies show that engaging in activities that get your blood pumping stimulates your ability to think creatively. It enhances your ability to think outside the box and come up with fresh ideas. Consider working out before attending your online IELTS review classes.

  1. Study when you’re tired

Creative thinking peaks at your non-optimal hours. So, if you are a night owl, your problem-solving skills are best in the morning, and, if you are a morning lark, your problem-solving skills are best at night. This is because your ability to generate creative insights usually peaks when you allow your mind to wander to seemingly off-topic but promising ideas, which typically happens when you are weary.

  1. Don’t focus solely on your destination

While it is vital that you have a conclusion in mind when composing an essay or verbal response, concentrating too much on your endpoint reduces your creative freedom. So don’t confine your development process to just pursuing your desired outcome. Give yourself leeway to be creative with your works.

  1. Reflect on something far away

Studies suggest that thinking about something that happened a long time ago or will happen in the far off future enhances one’s problem-solving abilities. So think about last year’s holiday celebrations or where you plan to spend next year’s summer vacation during your study breaks for the best IELTS online course experience.

  1. Stare at something green or blue

Looking at cool colors, specifically blue and green, can relax your mind and improve your cognitive performance. This is partly because your mind automatically associates these colors with the sky, the ocean, and other natural things that signify growth and tranquility.

  1. Use Dim lighting

Studies show that doing things with dim lighting boosts creativity. This is because the insufficient lighting subconsciously increases one’s feeling of freedom and promotes explorative thinking.

  1. Practice the “generic-parts technique”

Here’s a fun activity for your online IELTS review breaks. Select an item, break it into parts, and identify their functions. For example, eyeglasses become lenses, nose pads, and frames. The lenses are for magnification, the nose pads are for nose support, and the frames serve as its general structure. Using the “generic-parts technique” enhances your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Let your creativity enhance your language training. Integrate these activities into your online IELTS review efforts to increase your chances of IELTS success.


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