Fighting Exam Stress: 8 Habits that Bring Positive Vibe

Anything can cause stress. Whether it is an issue at work, school, or home, all these can reduce your productivity and discourage you from achieving your goals. With many IELTS review online packages to choose from, picking the wrong one can lead to stress especially when your learning demands are not met. This is why it is important that you carefully choose your review package—consider your availability, prior commitments, and learning needs.


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Choosing the appropriate package should be based on the type of IELTS exam you’ll be taking: the IELTS Academic and the IELTS General Training. Whichever test type you choose to take, you are still susceptible to stress if you do not handle situations positively. The following discussion focuses on eight habits you need to incorporate in your exam preparations to help combat stress and bring out a positive vibe.

1. Eating healthy

Eating a balanced diet—low in processed foods and red meat, high in fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains—helps reduce the symptoms of stress. It also ensures that your mood will not fluctuate for the whole day, giving you a positive mindset when reviewing or taking mock IELTS exams.

2. Connecting with friends

Your friends and family are good outlets to express your emotions. They are also excellent support systems that can help keep you on track and motivate you to do better on your test preparations. You can always call a friend to vent out your frustrations or engage in parties and get together once in a while. Connecting with people who understand your situation puts everything in perspective.

3. Embracing your imperfections

Neither aim for perfection nor be frustrated by your shortcomings. If you fail in the IELTS mock exam, look for ways to improve your score next time. Identify your weak points. Ask for your instructor’s help or scan through the modules in the IELTS review online packages, and see which areas you fell short and work on them.

4. Writing

Writing is another way to vent out your thoughts. If you do not like talking to other people, then keeping a journal is one way to relieve stress. It helps you put things in perspective. Allocate time every day to write down thoughts and reflect on everything that happened during the day. Focusing on positive occurrences creates a positive vibe.

5. Limiting emotional involvement

Getting too emotional about things and situations is not helpful. Do not pour all your efforts thinking about what went wrong. Shove off the negativities and remember that things happen for a reason. If you fail, then use it as an inspiration to do better. If your instructor says that your speaking skills need improvement, then practice more.

6. Taking a break

Take a nap after an hour of studying. You may also do other activities, such as walking or cuddling your pet, eating your comfort food, or getting a massage. Taking a break helps rejuvenate both your mind and body.

7. Talking to yourself

Self-affirmation is helpful infighting test anxiety and bringing out a positive vibe. Try saying, “All is well” or “I can do this, I will ace the IELTS exam.” Doing this keeps yourself motivated and allows you to focus only on the positive.

8. Laughing

Laughter improves mood and reduces stress. It tricks your nervous system to making you feel happy. It helps trigger positive feelings and keeps you active during the day.

Stress management is essential in securing your general well-being and elevating your performance in any task, such as the IELTS General Training exam. Follow these tips to avoid stress and keep a healthy lifestyle!




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